Total Martial Arts Movies

Total Martial Arts Movies

The Book of Eli

The Book of Eli

Post-apocalypse style action film Tell the story after the fall of the world through the adventures and journeys of  Eli. Aman who travels across America. To protect holy books That he believes will bring The hope of all mankind. The movie is full of denzel washington’s cool fight scenes, with quality stars Mila Kunis and Gary Oldman,  The Book of Eli.

Romeo Must Die Movie Posters From Movie Poster Shop The Book of Eli

Romeo Must Die

This action-crime- thriller from director Andrzej Bartkowiak tells the story of love and vengeance. Come from a feud between the two. Two great families and relationships. The birth of Hansing and Trish as love, Romeo & Juliet is full of action and action scenes. A lot of fights, definitely for martial arts lovers,  Romeo Must Die.

Fist of Legend (1994) - IMDb The Book of Eli

Fist of Legend

This action film from 1994 with the role of Jet Li tells the story of 1937 when scholastic Chen Zhen fights. Chong must come back to Shanghai. Before finding that his teacher He died and the school he had trained was being invaded by the Japanese , leading to fighting and solving. The revenge that became the  Fist of Legend.

Commando (1985) - Rotten Tomatoes


The hilarious action film from 1985 featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Come to play the role of a former special forces unit that must be screened against Bad people of South America who Took his daughter away Is another action movie for you A very memorable picture of one of the times,  Commando.

Hard Target - - Action - John Woo - Van Damme

Hard Target

This action thriller by John Woo and Jean-Claude Van Damme starred in the film of the Find the missing father of Natasha Binder. Her fierce travel companion , Chance Budroze, who volunteers to embark on a journey across the country. Get to your destination while protecting you,  Hard Target. Movie HD

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