Barkley prepares for an appointment for ‘ObJ’ rehabilitation together

Barkley prepares for an appointment for ‘ObJ’ rehabilitation together

Sakwon Barkley

Saquon Barkley Runningback New York Giants plan an appointment for former Cleveland Browns wing-mate Odell Beckham Jr. to rehab and train together during the off-season. UFA

Saquon Barkley and ObJ both recovered from their injuries. Before the running back, the Giants reveal to ESPN correspondent Jordan Ranan that he and Beckham Jr. will spend time together during the close of this season to rehab and train.

‘There is only one thing I know for sure I have planned. I will definitely be connected to (Odell), ‘Barkley said.’ Obviously, Odell had a little torn knee ligament as well. I think we both just want to be there. We are good friends for each other Compete and push each other That’s the only thing I know I will do. Everything depends on the air ‘

‘But apparently, neither of us want to go through this. I guess you can say But I think it’s very important that we are very close and we know each other very well and we are two competitors and we think we can help each other. ‘

‘I think being connected is really important. But at the same time, we both need to think about how to do 1 percent better each day. That is what we have to get from each other. One way or another ‘

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