Vogel says short offseason on Lakers minds after AD injury

Vogel says short offseason on Lakers minds after AD injury

Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers are understandably still trying to make sense of how their star center Anthony Davis injured his calf and strained his Achilles. Which will likely cost him at the next two-to-three weeks, including the All-Star Game on March 7 UFABET.

While Davis likely won’t mind skipping the All-Star Game, seeing as most players don’t want to be a part of it. The Los Angeles Lakers are understandably wondering if the historically short turnaround between the bubble. The start of the season had something to do with AD’s latest injury.

Frank Vogel spoke to reporters prior to Tuesday night’s game against the Wolves in what will be the first of many without Davis in the near future.

He said that it’s “certainly” in the back of the Lakers’ minds that the short offseason may have contributed to Davis getting hurt. According to Melissa Rohlin of Sports Illustrated’s All Lakers blog.

LeBron James, while he has played in every game this season, expressed his displeasure with starting this season as early as it did back on Dec. 22.

A soft tissue injury to Davis makes his statements back in November feel all the more prescient. Which is likely of little comfort to him and the Lakers as they must make hay without Davis in a tough Western Conference.

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