Chargers coach Brees to lead offensive team.

Chargers coach Brees to lead offensive team.

New Orleans Saints quarterback coach Joe Lombardi joins LA Chargers as new offensive coach UFABET.

Joe Lombardi

LA Chargers appointed 49-year-old Joe Lombardi as their new offensive coach under red-label head coach Brandon Staley after working as New Orleans’ quarterback coach. Nes Saints for five years, according to a report from the NFL Network on Monday. 

According to the NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, the Chargers set the staff of new head coach Staley complete the team after the set-up of Renaldo Hill coach Defe. Denver Broncos is the new recruiting coach. Continue with the set of Dearius Swinton as a special team coach. Recently, the Thunderbolt team set up the Lombardi as their new offensive team coach. 

Lombardi has been working as a staff team for Saints coach Sean Payton Head 2007. He intervened to work as a coach for the Detroit Lions from 2014-2015. Taysom Hill has been with Drew Bries from 2016-2020 and worked in the same role from 2009-2013. 

Former LA Rams defensive coach Staley will help strengthen the Chargers’ defense. Meanwhile, the pairing between Lombardi and youngster Justin Herbert should help improve the attacking game for the Thunderbolt team. After former offensive coach Shane Steichen has moved to the title. As with the Philadelphia Eagles, the quarterback coach Pep Hamilton has the opportunity to move on to work as an offensive coach with other franchises.

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