TOP Rated English movies of 2017

TOP Rated English movies of 2017



Review: Eye In The Sky is a gripping examination of the protocols behind drone warfare. These battles however, play out like a video game, with pilots sitting in a dark room filled with display screens a continent away, moving a joystick. However, drone warfare is as rule-driven – or at least it is made out to be – as ever.

Guidelines of engagement have to be adhered to and collateral damage has to ideally be zero. And the collateral damage angle forms the backbone of this movie.

Watts and his co-pilot face a moral dilemma and refuse to fire. Powell then has to approach Lt Gen Frank Benson (Rickman) who in turn has to sit around with a bunch of ministers and government officials and debate about whether to fire or not.

These discussions reach almost farcical levels, with one section concerned about the humanitarian angle and the other keen to make a straightforward military decision.


Review: Bus 657 (also titled as Heist in some countries) is a fairly fast paced cat-and-mouse chase involving the said casino thieves trying to outrun both the mob as well as the cops, who are in hot pursuit.

Played out mostly on a bus containing a motley crew of hostages, the entire premise of the film is itself telegraphed early on, before the chase begins, and you do get an inkling of how most of the film will play out.

Vaughn is the good father who has turned to crime for apparently noble reasons while Pope is a sort of godfather whose role is admirably essayed by De Niro, his famous scowl firmly in place. But it’s not like you haven’t seen him play this kind of role before, to greater effect.

Mann attempts to add an element of pathos to De Niro’s character in a scene where he visits Sydney (Bosworth), his estranged daughter whose career couldn’t be more different than his, with a confession and an offer that she most definitely refuses.


Review: If there’s one thing that this film proves really well, it is that apart from being able to ride a bike really well, Armstrong (Foster, quite on point) also managed to perfect the dubious art of being a liar and a scam artist.

Frears shows us that the seeds of his downfall were sown before he even achieved global fame. David Walsh (O’Dowd), a journalist at The Sunday Times and a lover of the sport himself, is gobsmacked when he sees a complete turnaround in Armstrong’s performance after recovering from cancer.

He tells his mates that in the past, uphill stretches were Armstrong’s Achilles’ heel. Now though, he does it better than the best. Other athletes with similar aerobic capacities are left in the dust. It’s almost as if, as Walsh says, he has become superman. ดูหนังออนไลน์

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