Joel Embiid reacts to LeBron James flagrant foul, gives update on his back.

Joel Embiid reacts to LeBron James flagrant foul, gives update on his back.

Philadelphia 76ers star Joel Embiid dominating early MVP conversation with  Denver Nuggets' Nikola Jokic | NBA News | Sky Sports

In the third quarter of a 107-106 win for the Philadelphia 76ers over the Los Angeles Lakers, things got a little chippy and Philadelphia fans has to hold their breath when Joel Embiid hit the floor hard.

He was push by Lakers star LeBron James while in the air and he fell hard on his back that has been giving him trouble lately. Embiid missed Monday’s loss to the Detroit Pistons due to the back problems and due to the nature of the foul, one could make the case that James should have been ejected.

He did push Embiid while he was in the air and that could have caused a serious injury.

“I guarantee you that if it was me I would have probably been eject from the game. Which has happened in the past with me getting flagrant fouls, really for nothing.”

Embiid was call for a flagrant 1 foul after he hit Anthony Davis in the face on a drive. It looked a basketball play as he was just driving to the basket, but the officials did not see it that way. James’ play was more dangerous than Embiid’s UFABET.

“When you compare that to the one that I got which I thought I didn’t really hit him,” Embiid explained. “I didn’t really elbow him, I might have touched him but I don’t think it was a flagrant. If you can compare those two.”

As far as his back is concerned, he and the team will have to play it by ear. They hit the road to face the Minnesota Timberwolves on Friday.

“The test will be when I wake up in the morning to see how it feels. I’m glad I pushed through and we got the win.”

The team does have an off day on Thursday to allow him a day of rest.

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