McCaffrey’s first practice night in 5 weeks

McCaffrey’s first practice night in 5 weeks

Christian McCaffrey, running back Carolina Panthers, has returned to training since Monday. But still have to wait to re-evaluate whether it will be ready for the game against the Atlanta Falcons this Thursday or not.

Carolina Panthers head coach Matt Rule has revealed that Christian McCaffrey has returned for the first time in five weeks since Monday. But it is unclear whether the 24-year-old running back will be ready for the ‘Thurs Day Night’ game against Atlanta Falcons this Thursday. According to news reports from ESPN

Rule added that McCaffrey will go through full training on Tuesday or Wednesday in order for the team to consider removing the 24-year-old running-back from the injured player’s account. But must get the green light from the team doctor as well. 

‘If you know Christian, he wants to play,’ said Rule, but head coach Panthers insists he won’t risk using the 24-year-old without his body. 

Christian McCaffrey

McCaffrey suffered an upper ankle injury in the second week of defeat to Tampa Bay Buccaneers before being credited to the player’s account a few days later. It is estimated that the 24-year-old running back will have to rest for four to six weeks, so far he has missed out on five games where the Panthers have won three games without a $ 16 million wage. US Next Last Statistics 3-4

Teddy Bridgewater Quarterback Panther said about his teammates. ‘It will be exciting to see Christian there if he is ready to go. He works very hard. ‘ 

McCaffrey last season became the third player in NFL history to hold the ball and hit the main 1,000 yards in the same season. He held the ball for 156 yards and made four touchdowns and received seven passes for 57 yards this season.McCafrey representative Mike Davis holds the ball averaged 101.5 yards per game from four games. The past 


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