‘This is terrible officiating’ Chiefs fans aren’t happy with flag-filled Super Bowl.

‘This is terrible officiating’ Chiefs fans aren’t happy with flag-filled Super Bowl.

Chris Jones

As Esquire’s Chris Jones reported in 2014 in a profile of Gronkowski‘s father, Gordy, the home was built for five future athletes of considerable size.

According to Jones, Gordy built the house in 2002 with double-width hallways, extra-tall doors, and “huge” rooms. Gordy told Jones that “the movers loved it” because they could easily move the furniture through the open spaces.

Each of the Gronkowski children had a king-size bed, and one room alone held three beds. Gordy said, however, that the bedrooms weren’t designate – the Gronkowski children simply slept where they “crash.”

“They slept in any of ’em,” Gordy told Jones. “Wherever they crashed that night, they crashed.”

Chris Jones tweeted on Sunday that it was as if Gordy had raised “giant cats.”

The backyard had a full baseball field, a tennis and basketball court, a pool, and a hot tub. The basement had a professional-grade gym with about $80,000 worth of equipment – fitting, as Gordy ran and operated a chain of gyms.

Rob listed as 6-foot-6 and 265 pounds. In 2014, each of the Gronkowski children weighed 230 to 270 pounds.

Rob and his brothers Dan, Chris, and Glenn went on to play in the NFL. His older brother Gordie Jr. played baseball and drafted by the Los Angeles Angels but never played in MLB.

Gronkowski’s move to Tampa with Tom Brady paid off for his mother, Diane, who moved to Fort Meyers, Florida, years ago UFA.

She told The Tampa Bay Times ahead of the Super Bowl that she’d seen more of Rob in the past year. She had during all his years in New England.

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