Ranking the eight QBs most likely to join Patriots in free agency.

Ranking the eight QBs most likely to join Patriots in free agency.

Cam Newton

Do the Patriots want to go into the 2021 NFL Draft without an answer at the quarterback position? Doesn’t seem like something Bill Belichick would want to do again. He was fortunate that Cam Newton was still available even after the 2020 draft UFABET.

At least Cam Newton running ability gave the Patriots something on the offensive side of the ball that kept them competitive for the majority of the year. 

If Belichick is looking for a solid option before April, though, the pickings could be slim. It takes two to tango to make a trade so there’s no guarantee the Patriots will be able to pry away Jimmy Garoppolo from the 49ers or Derek Carr or Marcus Mariota from the Raiders. That leaves free agency. 

The good news: There are names folks will recognize who could be had on the free-agent market. The bad news: They aren’t names that will, in all likelihood, elicit much in the way of excitement from the Patriots fan base.

Belichick isn’t concerned about excitement, of course. He’s looking to win games and spend his team’s money efficiently. Is there anyone available as a free agent this offseason who’ll provide good value at the most important spot on the roster?

Let’s take a look. And let’s have a little fun by placing odds on any of the following players ending up in Foxboro…

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